Pavagada is a small town separated from Mysore Kingdom. This place is stationed in Tumkur district of Karnataka state. It has an wide area of around 6.75 sq km. Though it is been placed in Tumkur district, as per the map of India it is connected to Chitradurga district in Karnataka. The town has a geological formation of around 646 metres i.e. 2119 feet.

As per the records of census taken in 2001, it has approximately 28,036 people registered. The records constitutes of 51% of male population and rest 49% female population. The count also includes 12% population that comes under the age of six. As per the count registered with regards to literacy rate of the city, it has an average rate of 67%. The average male literate in the city is 74% and the female literate is 59%. This depicts that city gives importance to education sector where the literacy count recorded is more than the whole country’s literacy rate. Kannada language is widely used for communication as their official language in the city. As the city is situated close to the border of Andhra Pradesh also, Telugu is also used in the city as first language. This integrates both the culture in the town.

The town is just 150 km away from the metro city and state capital Bangalore. The small town is covered with huge mountains carved with historical backgrounds. These big mountains enhance the natural beauty of the city. The city has become a favorite location for trekkers who love climbing huge mountains. The fort has an eye catching view from the hill top. The place is ideal for one day picnics where families can relax and enjoy together with stunning natural beauty. The place is also famous for the breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset. Another attraction in the town is Shan Mahatma Temple of God Shani. This temple is visited by huge crowds for blessings all over the southern part of the country mainly during the July-August months or Shravana month. The temple was erected by Ganga Hanumaiah who was a local farmer.

The city is well connected with roads, highways and trains. The state transport runs buses which connect the city from the metro city Bangalore and other cities in the state. This transport connectivity is a boom to the overall development of the tourism of the city. The city is also well connected to the Mumbai highway attracting many tourists from other northern states as well.

The city is fractioned into 23 wards for efficacious governance. The equal numbers of administrators are working for overall development of the city. The town has many schools and colleges established for educational development. The literacy rate clarifies the importance it gives to educational sector

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